Welcome to our website!  Now Being Served focuses on the things that are Local to our Salisbury and Delmarva area.

Our Motto is:    Education , Entertainment and Enjoyment – Locally
And that is exactly where we focus.

Currently we are shooting Cooking Shows for PAC14 TV in our area.  We are currently in 33,000 area homes via Comcast Cable.   We focus on Professional Chefs from the Local area restaurants, as well as some superbly talented home chefs who create dishes that we (as the crew and staff) are thrilled to be able to devour after their shows are finished.

Holidays are a favorite, because it gives us a specific reason for a show.  In that pursuit, we have discovered the MOST incredible Sweet Potato Biscuits recipe, a Prime Rib that melted in your mouth, Chateaubriand….mmmmm  mmmm!  And so many more recipes you will discover as you keep up with our Chefs.

Currently you will be able to find the recipes for the Original Smith Island red velvet cake , crab cakes and cream of crab soup, ….there’s not enough room to list them all.  Just have fun browsing through the Recipes section.

Check the program schedule on PAC14.org to see when our shows are playing.  Look fro NOW BEING SERVED – then the show’s name.

What do YOU want to see on our Cooking Shows and on this website?
Do you have a favorite recipe that you want to learn how to prepare?

Maybe you can be a guest on the show!

Or do you have a special dish that you prepare like no one else in the world?
Well, I want to know!!  So TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT.
Email me to tell me what your thoughts are.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Your Server,



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