Beer and St. Patrick’s Day

What do they have to do with each other?  Yeah, I agree – that was a dumb question!!

Green beer and all that, is a St. Patty’s Day tradition, along with the fun and merriment.

March 17th is just one of those holidays that is all about being jovial (did I use that word?) and having fun out in or out, with friends.

So, we here at Now Being Served, thought it was the exactly appropriate time to throw our own little
St. Patty’s Celebration.

Chef Patrick Fanning is going to prepare an Irish feast for us – AND…. we are going to receive a grand tour of the EVO Brewery in Delmar, Maryland.  We wanted to know…. just exaclty what IS the process of brewing a good beer?  And can we do it in our garage?   LOL – well, maybe not.

I think maybe – at least in my case – it’s best to let that sort of thing to the ‘professional beer makers’!!

We will let you know LOTS more about that after our personally guided tour, by the owner of the Brewery next week.  Then you can look forward to the tour on PAC14.

What is Your favorite St Patty’s Day meal – and Beer?
How are you going to celebrate this March 17th?

We’ll be back with more news –

So,  Until next time –

Your Server,


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