Before Buying Supermarket Herbs and Spices

If you buy herbs and spices regularly then it is imperative to learn a little more about the source of your botanicals. Buying herbs and spices at a supermarket, while being convenient and cheap, may not always be the wise decision. We all know how long products sit in distribution terminals before they even hit the back storage area of the grocery store in question. So here are some helpful tips from Florida Herb House when buying your botanicals and cooking spices

1) Are the herbs and spices stored away from light?

Florida Herb House stores all their precious herbs and spices in dark rooms. This ensures the most powerful products arriving at your door with the highest quality flavor and nutritional value! Many larger herb companies simply do not have the means to keep their herbs and spices in dark rooms because their warehouses are simply too large. Our small storage space is under 2500 sq. ft. and is easily manageable with respect to perfect temperature, humidity, and light conditions. Most herbs are sensitive to light and their nutrients are broken down when left exposed to sunlight and artificial light!

2) Are the herbs and spices stored in cool low humidity conditions?

Florida Herb House stores all their precious herbs and spices in optimal conditions which include temperatures that do not exceed 75 degrees fahrenheit or go below 65 degrees fahrenheit as well as dehumidifiers for the highest level of quality herbs and spices delivered to your door. Trust Florida Herb House for the best herbs and spices your dollar can buy!

3) Are the herbs and spices truly organic certified?

All of the herbs and spices purchased from Florida Herb House marked “Organic” are organic certified through “QAI” Quality Assurance International and “OTC” Oregon Tilth Corp. We always have a copy of the organic credentials on file for anyone wishing to view it. Any herbs and spices that we sell which are not organic will be clearly marked as “Wildharvested”, “Cultivated Without Chemicals” or “All Natural”.

4) How are the herbs and spices I am buying packed and shipped?

All of Florida Herb House’s herbs and spices are packed fresh to order in our exclusive flavor savor foil packets. These packets are completely recyclable and use about 1/10th the plastic of a typical two ounces spice jar. Most of our packets are resealable also for convenience. Only our small two ounce packets are not resealable as they are designed to be poured into your existing spice jars which helps “Save The Earth”!

5) Is there a certificate of analysis for the herbs and spices I am purchasing?

All Florida Herb House’s herbs and spices have a valid “COA” (certificate of analysis) available to anyone wishing to have one. These COA’s list the complete analysis of each herb/spice including tests for appearance, aroma, moisture, lead, ash, mold, bacteria and more. Should any of our herbs ever fail any of these tests then they are not on our shelves!

Choose your herbs and spices wisely. Not only does this ensure a better product but the nutritional factors will be better also not to mention a better tasting and smelling recipe. Quality herbs for those who use them for various health conditions is even more important.

Born and raised in the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts Stephen brings with him a deep background in herbal nutrition. Stephen offers sound advice on all natural herbal remedies, eating healthy, and protecting your family and loved ones from the many hidden secrets of processed foods which specialize in all natural and organic products.

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