Cost Ventosa Winery

Right Here on our Very own Delmarva!!

The Owners & Volunteers at Costa Ventosa Winery

As I travel around seeking more fun and interesting locations, events, people and businesses to spotlight, I was told about this Winery.  I heard that it is an awesomely fun and inviting place to hang out in the summer, whiling away the time with a wine glass in hand – rocking on the porch enjoying the surroundings.

Well I haven’t checked it out yet, but I am setting it up as soon as I can!! In the meantime –  enjoy a brief tour.

Their Mission Statement is one I enjoyed!

Costa Ventosa’s mission is to have fun,

share our love of making wine (nature) and drinking wine,


make a little bit of money to have more fun,

make and drink more wine

and make more money…

As soon as they invite me for a tour and taste testing (Hint Hint), I will report back on their selections…… C V are you listening??
I had to grab their address off of the August poster – and there are no maps, directions or phone number that I could see on the site……but I’ll bet I can easily locate it !I get in the car and point the GPS to WINE!

Costa Ventosa Winery
9031 Whaleyville Road
Whaleyville, MD.  21872

Until next time –

Your Server,  Mary

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