What Does January 2011 Mean?

Same as you, I can barely believe that it is 2011!   Do you remember when we were in fear of our computers crashing on the stroke of midnight 1999/2000?  That seems like a decade ago….. dumb joke.

2010 was an absolutely amazing, incredible launch for us here at Now Being Served.   We began our cooking show series for PAC14, our local public access
TV channel in Salisbury in August and September – and now we are producing a host of cooking shows, as well as additional information series – AND LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!  What a blast it is to produce your own TV shows.
Even better, we are attracting viewers like crazy!  Which tell me I need to take some time to tweak and update the ease of use for this website.  I want everyone to be able to navigate quickly to wherever they want to go.
So, that’s where we are right now.

What do YOU want to see more information about in and around Salisbury?
Until next time,


Your Server at Now Being Served

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