Meatloaf, Hot Wings and BBQ Ribs!

Chef Michael Smith from Break Time was our Chef today. We shot three shows.
Meatloaf – in which he used wine to soak the bread rather than milk or water or broth. (You could easily use any of those liquids instead)
BBQ Ribs – and I have to tell you – the meat simply melted in our mouths. The crew was very happy!! Chef shared his recipe for the BBQ sauce the way he makes it. I think you will like it a LOT. We did.
Then he prepared WINGS – 4 ways. Your Super Bowl Sunday crowd will love these variations. Quick, easy and you can make them ahead and heat up next day.

Let me know when you have had a chance to watch the shows. Wings are up right now. Meatloaf and Ribs will follow shortly.
Which recipe was your favorite?

Until next time,

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