Muffuletta Sandwich

Muffuletta Sandwich

1 10″ round loaf Italian bread with Sesame seeds My Recipe

1 Recipe Olive Salad

1/4 lb Genoa Salami (Oldani is the best)

1/4 lb Hot Capicola (this is my spin, you can use regular Ham.)

1/4 lb Mortadella (I use San Danielle)

1/8 lb Sliced Mozzarella

1/8 lb Provolone


Cut the bread in half length wise.

Brush both sides with the oil from your 1 week old Olive Salad, go a little heavier on the bottom.

Layer half of the Oldani on the bottom half of the bread. Then the Mortadella. Then the Mozzarella, then the Capicola, Provolone, and the remainder of Oldani. Top this with the olive salad. Put the lid on and press it down without smashing the bread. Quarter it. You’ve just created pure heaven.

Serves: 4 light eaters, 2 hungry hangovers or one bad to the bone eating machine!

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