Peruvian Hot Chocolate ….

……was the way we warmed up on what turned out to be a very chilly afternoon, after a warm and VERY rainy morning.

Brigitti came in and showed us from start to finish, how to re-create what she grew up enjoying in Peru.
And today was just a tease, as we are going to include it in the Holiday Dinner show.

NEXT week Brigitti will tape her premier episode of  “A Taste of Peru”
A new show we are going to be offering for our local cooks to enjoy.

Next week Michelle (my main camera lady) and I will be taste testing the:
Peruvian Paprika Chicken
Creamy Mashed potatoes and a salad I loved when I sampled it at Brigitti’s home.

I don’t know what its name is, but I know I wanted to sample it TWICE!
So we have lots of new meals planned for you.  Stay tuned.

Until next time,  Mary

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