WHY Public Access Television Matters to Salisbury, MD.

The Original Post for this article from Huffington Post is located here.

This is such an important article, that I hope you will take the time to read it thoroughly.

Public access television around this country is in danger of extinction, if voices are not heard.   If you wonder “What’s the Big Deal?” or “Why does that matter to me?” …….. then please read this article to the end.  You will see why this right needs protection.

Our very own local PAC14 is in danger.  Their funding continues to be cut into, not by the city, but by the County!  The City gives its fair share  – the County situation is a different matter all together.

NO ONE PERSON IN PARTICULAR owns public TV.  We ALL own public access TV.  EACH of us has the ability to learn how to produce our own show, and give back quality information and entertainment to their own local public community.

We all own Public TV – and PAC14.org is our own jewel.


It’s FREE – there is no reason NOT to, and every reason TO be a supporter!

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