Valentine’s Day Show was Fun!

This morning, my camera ‘man’ –  Michelle and I are meeting the owners of Smith Island Sweet Shop
from Smith Island Maryland.

They are going to prepare the Cream of Crab soup and crab cakes that Smith Island is famous for –
for a beautiful romantic beginning and a second main course for our Valentine’s Day dinner for two.

Our Official State Cake   ….drum roll, please.  TA DA!!!  Trumpets Blare!!!!

SMITH ISLAND CAKE – and for Valentine’s Day, a VERY SPECIAL Heart shaped Red Velvet Cake!!!!

Will I share any?  I may not want to, but they are SO large – yeah, probably!!

My comedy group is meeting at my house tomorrow night.
I will probably save it to share with them.
You will have to tune in to see this show!!

Okay – I have to get ready to go to our kitchen at Shore Appliance Connection and get the set ready
for the romantic meals for today.

Until next time,

Your Server,


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