Teens in the Kitchen

Today was just a fun day at “work”.

First thing this morning, I met Schultzie for the first time.  We have talked on the phone, and made an immediate connection.  Her enthusiasm for what I was asking her to do was uplifting.  She sounded joyous at the project.

I wanted her to teach 6 almost teenagers, something that they could create in the kitchen during the holidays,
and use as gifts or treats for friends and family.

We met today to discuss ideas and so she could check out our incredible Demo Kitchen at Shore Appliances.
Of course she loved it, just like every other Chef that comes in to do a show for us.

The final decision, is to make popcorn balls dipped in white chocolate.  They will be made so that they can be ornaments on a tree, or gifts, or just a great family holiday way to spend an evening together.

I am excited my self, to see the whole process.  I will let you know when the show is going to air, so you can tune in to see it too.

Until next time, Mary

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