Valentine’s Day in Salisbury, MD.

We began the morning in the kitchen, as usual – beginning our Valentin’s Day Dinner show.  Today we shot an appetizer and a main course.
Chef Patrick Fanning, of Sobo’s in Salisbury was our Guest Chef today.  His wonderful assistant was Megan – and she rocks, I must say.

Chef Patrick began the romantic Valentine’s Day menu with his specialty appetizer of an ahi tuna stack.  The presentation is just beautiful!  Fried crispy won ton, thinly slice tuna that was seasoned for 24 hours, layered with a small dollop of marscapone, another won ton, more tuna another won ton ….. and the wasabi and soy glazes ……Gorgeous and beautiful and SCRUMPTIOUS!

Paired with a wine from Costa Ventosa Vineyards in Whaleyville – and plated and served at a romantic table setting.

Aahhhhh – Love.

Then he really got into the heart of the matter, by preparing a Chateaubriand, silky garlic mashed potatoes,  roasted asparagus – I can’t even begin to properly describe the mushroom cream sauce that he created to accentuate the whole meal.  It was incredibly delicious.

RECIPES WILL BE ON THIS WEBSITE VERY SOON!  And I have to tell you – even if you don’t prepare this for Valentine’s – you really must choose an evening and go for it.  it is melt in your mouth enjoyment.

That’s all for now –  more tomorrow, so come on back!

Until then –

Your Server,

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