Healthy Ethnic Food

Trying different ethnic cuisines to give yourself a taste treat is possible while counting calories and fat.
Many ethnic cuisines offer lots of low-fat, low-calorie choices.

So if you want to eat healthy and still have lots of different choices, take a taste adventure with ethnic foods.
Here’s a sample of healthy food choices (lower in calories and fat) and terms to look for when making your selection:


* Zheng (steamed)

* Jum (poached)

* Kao (roasted)

* Shao (barbecued)

* Steamed rice

* Dishes without MSG added


* Red sauces

* Primavera (no cream)

* Piccata (lemon)

* Sun-dried tomatoes

* Crushed tomatoes

* Lightly sauteed

* Grilled


* Spicy chicken

* Rice and black beans

* Salsa or picante

* Soft corn tortillas

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